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last weekend in Berlin, Germany, Rondo, a new bike manufacturer, introduced an adjustable geometry Ruut Gravel bike product line. All models use the same carbon fiber front fork and join the geometric adjustment at the foot of the fork so that the frame can switch between endurance and race geometry. The frame, the Poland company launched a carbon fiber, which can accommodate 700C or 650B Aluminum Alloy tire, steel frame.

The two founders of
Rondo have designed mountain bikes for other brands for years, and have spent years accumulating experience in the growing Gravel bike development. Of course, Gravel bike compatible with 700C (coarse off-road tire) and 650B (27.5 inch diameter round mountain) tyre concept has launched a period of time, but the variable geometry did not put forward technology. The variable geometry technology on the partially fully excited mountain bike can effectively increase riding efficiency.
all Rondo Gravel bike use the same front fork. At the fork's foot, the Vario Rondo Geo structure allows the barrel axis to be switched in two positions. One is for endurance riding, the other is for racing. By moving the axis up or down about 10mm, the angle of the head and seat can vary about 0.5 degrees. But the greater impact is to reduce the Trail value of the front fork by 13 millimeters, reduce the center axis (and the center of gravity of the driver) by 4 millimeters, and reduce the position of the handlebar to achieve a more radical riding posture. All this means significant changes in riding feel. By adjusting the front axle, you can switch from upright and stretched positions to more agile, stable control positions.


at the top of the product line is the Ruut CF1, all carbon fiber frame, with the magic Vario Geo front fork. The rigid carbon frame itself is very good, before the big triangle collocation asymmetry of the rear lower fork and a flat rear upper fork, the rear upper fork shaft extends from the barrel through the vertical pipe connecting pipe, the vertical regression provides better, increase comfort.

's CF1 is priced at 3700 euros, equipped with SRAM Force 1 single disc suite, its own Rondo and frame matching Aluminum Alloy 700C Panaracer Gravel King 40C wheel, tyre and Easton control components.

of course, in addition to the adjustable geometry, the Ruut family also has the capability to use a wide variety of wheels. The founder's mountain bike background makes them very clear about cross-country demand. Each Ruuts can assemble the 700C wheel group, the tires can use the 40C gear of off-road highway, or the bigger and thicker mountain bike 650B wheel group, and can use 2.2 of the mountain rough tire.


Supreme's accessories series, sold on a quarterly basis, will surprise some of them. For example, this season's subway cards, electric cars.
or the last brick.

today, I'm going to review what I think is the best accessory for Supreme10.
1, Boxing, Gloves

Supreme host James Jebbia has always been to many boxing fans, Supreme T-shirt will also to boxing for inspiration, Supreme and Everlast jointly set boxing is certainly reasonable.
the joint series in 2008 release, this piece of boxing gloves were blue, black and red color.

2. Basketballs

Supreme has only worked with the most powerful brands in all fields. In 2007, Supreme found Spalding, a basketball player in NBA, in the field of basketball. Imagine playing this kind of basketball, is it necessary to shoot?

3. Nunchucks

Supreme especially adored Bruce Lee. They had too many Bruce Lee related items, so it was especially cool to produce Bruce Lee's signature weapons.

4.Skate Tool / Pipe

as a skateboard brand Supreme, how can there be no skateboarding tools? In 2006, Supreme produced a skateboard tool that could be held in a pocket. Of course, it can also be a "smoke" tool.
5. Rolling Papers

whether you like it or not, marijuana smoking is a big part of skateboarding culture. In 2008, Supreme released cigarette paper.
6. Bible Stash Box

often can see the book hidden gun in the movie, it is cool in autumn and winter, when the Supreme for 13 years, is one of this thing. You don't have to think about guns, but it's a good tool to keep hidden money.
7. Matches

love for smoking friends, this box of matches is absolutely cool Supreme. Think when you want to smoke, pull out a box of matches, already enough to force, and the match box also printed "Supreme", you can almost fly to the sky.
8. Playing Cards

Supreme was released in 2013 to work with Bicycle for this flirtatious gold
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